Berkeley, CA 2019

Augmented Reality. For Design and Construction. 

Introducing the best way to build, view, and present projects.


Welcome to Geopogo!

Review designs on-site before construction begins.


Create Augmented Reality presentations easily, by using 3D models you have created in Autodesk Revit, SketchUp, or with our 3D creator tool.

With Geopogo you can take your clients on-site and present designs like never before

- no coding required.  

What people are saying about Geopogo

Cyrille Fauvel, 

Worldwide Senior Manager,

Forge Partner Development,


"Geopogo for real-time visualization enables accurate communication around design intent and allows stakeholders to see any modifications in real-time.

Trevor Johnston,

Manager, Construction Technology,

XL Construction

"After our Client team had been looking at 2D drawings for months, we invited Geopogo to help us bring the space to life and provide the end-user groups an experience that they didn't know was possible. This AR experience was the first time most of them had been able to fully visualize their workspace.

Marina Van Overbeek,

Senior Manager,


"With Geopogo tools, workplace options can be presented in a way that clients can clearly understand.  The real-time editing allows design teams to incorporate changes on the spot and get immediate buy-in from clients.

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Berkeley, CA 2019