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Bring your designs to life!

For designers, builders and developers.


Geopogo is a desktop design platform for AR 

Import Revit models and ceate designs using our tools for AR presentations on our iOS app 

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Import Revit models and create designs with our tools

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Bring Revit models into AR


Export Revit models and designs

to iOS devices and the Magic Leap

Import Fbx, Obj, and DAE 3D models

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Present full-scale models on-site  

with iOS devices, and the magic Leap one headset

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What people are saying about Geopogo

"After our client team had been looking at 2D drawings for months, we invited Geopogo to help us bring the space to life and provide the end-user groups an experience that they didn't know was possible. This AR experience was the first time most of them had been able to fully visualize their workspace"

—  Trevor Johnston, Manager, Construction Technology , XL Construction

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Geopogo will be a subscription product this year.

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