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  • Connect design teams, coordinate with trades and present to clients remotely

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"Geopogo's workflow keeps the design and visualization process fluent and efficient."

--Gautam Shenoy, Associate/BIM Dir. , Steinberg Hart

Connect your team

  • Host meetings

 “Geopogo makes collaboration with architects easier and more efficient for all of us."

--Patrick Kennedy, Owner, Panoramic Interests

Connect with clients

  •  First person Camera

"With Geopogo, options can be presented in a way that clients can clearly understand.”

--Marina Van Overbeek, Senior Manager, CBRE

Create models

add materials, furntiure, and lighting

Present Revit models


Collaborate on-site and in the office with Geopogo's AR app

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"Geopogo for real-time visualization enables accurate communication around design intent and allows stakeholders to see any modifications in real-time."

Cyrille Fauvel, Worldwide Senior Manager, Forge Partner Development, Autodesk