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Step 1.

Export your Revit models as .DAE 

  • Import models as DAE and OBJ files

  • Apply materials and objects to your model 

  • Update models on the app at any time 

Step 2.

Stage your models with the Geopogo Desktop editor 

Add materials, furniture, objects and lighting to your models, then click view in AR


Work together remotely on screen 

Use Geopogo to review designs together from anywhere when you can't meet in person. 

Step 3. Present with your iPhones and iPads

on and off site 

No need to buy expensive equipment or headsets 

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What customers are saying about Geopogo:

“Using Geopogo’s AR tools, we saved $250,000 

in construction rework costs by making decisions on-site before construction began”

John Abraham, Senior Project Manager LEED AP BD+C, 

Download these sample projects

Modern House

Solar Array

The Modern2

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Geopogo does on site presentations

The Geopogo team actively completes

on site presentations for design committees, contractors, and architects

We can provide all devices and 3D model your project for presentation 

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