Hi Unisource team, 

We thank you for the opportunity to present this proposal. Please download the Geopogo AR app for your iPhones and iPads.


We embedded one of your furniture models into the platform to see how your models could be staged.


We would like to learn more about the problems you need to solve, and we hope this opens a successful solution for your team.

download app.png

How it works:

Step 1. Design in SketchUp or Revit and export as a DAE file

Step 2. Stage models in Geopogo and export to the app

Step 3. Clients can View remotely on their iPhones and iPads


1. Open Geopogo Ar app

2. Quickly scan the floor by moving the phone back and fourth.


You will see little yellow dots

3. Click "Place Model "

4. Click "Unisource"

5. Model will load, look around, and move, rotate and scale with the buttons below. 

Press the red record button to take pictures and video  

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