Use Geopogo to export your Revit models to AR.
Make great client presentations to sell your designs in a way clients fully understand

1. Ensure all Revit components are assigned Revit's materials 
2. Set project phasing to complete 
3. Turn off objects that won't be shown in the presentation 
4. Keep export file size to under 200mb 


1. Apply materials such as glass to windows for transparency,

add objects, people, and landscaping 

2. Position model to the center of the grid using the transform tools

3. Click view in AR to export your model to the Geopogo AR app 

4. Click post publicly to present to multiple people at the same time


1. Move, rotate, scale, and position your model on-site using the controls on the Geopogo AR app 

2. Take pictures and record video walkthroughs on your phone to share with clients 

3. Keep phone pointed slightly to the ground to maintain tracking 


Step 4. Present with clients on-site!


1. Position model on-site 

2. Present to your clients on a iPhone or iPad,

or allow them to open your model with their devices 

3. Walk around the site, go inside and outside the design

4. Take pictures and record video walkthroughs from your devices.



How do I launch the Geopogo desktop editor if it doesn't seem to launch?

Simply click "post publicly" when exporting your model to the Geopogo AR app. 

Everyone on site who has the Geopogo AR app installed can individually load your model to view together


Then ask the Geopogo team to delete your model from the public server when finished


1.  Right click the Geopogo desktop icon and click "Run as administrator" 

2. Locate the Geopogo install folder and run the Geopogo.exe 

Is my billing account different from the AR account? 

Yes, the account you created to sign up for the free trial is different from the Geopogo AR app account that you will need to export models to the AR app

Create your AR account here:

Why does my model crash when loading on the Geopogo AR App ?

The Geopogo AR app will crash when loading your model because the model file size is too large for the iPhones or iPads to process


We recommend keeping models exported from Revit to 200mb or less


This is achieved by turning off objects and layers that will not be shown in your presentation such as mechanical, electrical, plumbing and structural layers

Other options include turning off furniture objects in rooms that won't be shown, and reducing detail levels

How do I send my client the model privately? 

Simply send your client your log-in credentials for the AR app for them to view your 


How do I create large public presentations? 

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