Get Geopogo

Installation Instructions


1. Install and open the Geopogo desktop editor 

Download and install for Windows.
Import and stage BIM models and export to the AR app or Magic Leap headset


2. Download the Geopogo 
AR app for iPhones and iPads 

Load BIM models and digital project them on-site for design review and presentation with clients, contractors, and stakeholders. 


3. Create AR account to transfer BIM models to the App 

Create your AWS AR account to load models from the desktop editor to the AR iOS app 


Download Sample Model

Watch Tutorials

#2 Import your Revit model as a .dea file 
and stage your model. Add materials and objects. Export to AR account

#3 Open the Geopogo AR app on your iPhone or iPad and digital project your design on-site. Tour your clients through the design, capture renderings, and video walkthroughs.