Modern Office

Reopen your workspace 

with layouts that satisfy social distancing

Geopogo's team of professionals will produce an office layout for you that satisfies social distancing requirements 

to reopen for your workplace

Get started

1. Show us your office

Send us pictures, measurements,

and any floor plans you have


2. We'll prepare a layout

Our team of professionals will create an office layout and 3D views

3. View and edit layouts 

Download Geopogo to view

your plans and make edits

Download for Mac, PC and iOS app

Lay out furniture 

for 6' compliance 

Drag and drop furntiure from our library to easily plan layouts that work

Walk through designs in 3D 

Use first-person camera to walk through 

new layouts and test how well they work

Have design

meetings online

from home 

Host interactive 3D meetings with your team to discuss layout options together

Review layouts at the office and start moving furniture 

Use your smartphone and tablet to review and approve layouts and get started reopening 

download app.png

Free for iOS iphones and tablets


Gautam Shenoy,

Associate/BIM Director, Steinberg Hart

 “ keeps the design and visualization process fluent and efficient"



Patrick Kennedy,

Owner, Panoramic Interests

 “makes collaboration easier and more efficient for all of us"


Marina Van Overbeek,

Senior Manager, CBRE

 “Options can be presented in a way that clients can clearly understand”

Get your office ready for reopening today!