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AIASF Part 2 Augmented Reality Presentations with Aidlin Darling Design and Magic Leap

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Last Thursday August 27, the team assisted in presenting a second series of on-site Augmented Reality tours of the -designed future HQ to a mixed audience of designers, artists, contractors, in-kind donors, and other AIASF members.

Using over 20 AR headsets provided by Magic Leap, attendees explored the 3D AR model of the future AIASF HQ as they walked around the existing gutted storefront space in downtown San Francisco. This is a major step forward in the evolution of architectural presentations.

Viewers can now use AR to fully understand the design as if it was already built. Augmented tours will quickly be commonplace as architects and designers use the technology to present their visions on-site!

Augmented overlays of the Aidlin Darlin Design in-progress SketchUp model of the future AIASF HQ design digitally projected into the existing space.

Viewers walked through the existing space wearing Magic Leap headsets that allowed them to see the future design on-site

Creative Director Michael Hoppe guiding users on getting starting with the Augmented tours.

From left to right, Mac Dean - Technical co-founder, Michael Hoppe, creative Director, and Damon Hernandez.

The Geopogo team at the event, From left to right - Mac Dean, Michael Hoppe, Dave Alpert CEO, Frank Jesse, Ben Gilbert, and Saara Tayani

The Geopogo team would like to thank AIASF for the opportunity to present their future HQ using Geopogo Augmented Reality!

Thank you to everyone who supported us and attended the event!

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