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AIASF (American Institute of Architects) new HQ AR Presentations with Magic Leap and Aidlin Darling

Last week the Geopogo team presented the new AIASF (American Institute of Architects San Francisco) HQ office to an invited group of architects, builders, in-kind donors and others members of the AIASF Community

Magic Leap provided more than 20 AR (Augmented Reality) headsets for the events to digitally overlay Aidlin Darling Design's SketchUp model on top of the existing space at full scale for everyone to enjoy exploring the future design.

The next event is this Thursday ( August 23rd 2021)

Geopogo's Technical Co-Founder Mac Dean overlaying the architectural SketchUp model on the existing space

Magic Leap headset station for the AIASF events

Geopogo's Creative Director Michael Hoppe and the Project Architect from aidlin darling design exploring their design in AR

The event was a great success, with over 20 people in AR headsets at the same time. Exploring the architectural 3D model digitally overlaid, attendees experienced the future space collaboratively together!

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