Use Geopogo AR to easily present designs on-site!

✔️ Clients fully understand your vision

✔️ Clients can review and approve with confidence 

✔️ Resolve design issues and site conflicts before they result in expensive change orders


Transform architects' Autodesk Revit models into impactful on-site AR presentations


Import Revit models

Import DAE, OBJ models and more

Prepare models for AR

Add materials, lighting, furniture, people from our library

✔️Test designs on-site

Perform design review 

✔️Catch mistakes and errors 

Eliminate costly rework, before construction

✔️Perform design review on-site 

Test options, spot mistakes and site conflicts

Download the AR app and get started

Full-scale or desktop size, on-site or off-site

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Patrick Kennedy,

Owner, Panoramic Interests

 “makes collaboration easier and more efficient for all of us"


John Abraham, LEED AP BD+C, DeBrine Associates 

(PM for global tech owner)

“Using Geopogo’s AR tools,

we saved $250,000 

in construction rework costs 

by making decisions on-site before construction began”

Marina Van Overbeek,

Senior Manager, CBRE

 “Options can be presented in a way that clients can clearly understand”

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