Geopogo AR

BIM-to-AR* software for design and construction to review proposed buildings at full scale on site

For the new Magic Leap 2, iPhones, and iPads 

*Building Information Modeling to Augmented Reality

Oracle Innovation Lab, Chicago - July 2022

 Download the latest build for the Magic Leap 2 


The Geopogo team is currently building the most advanced AR solution for design and construction with the new Magic Leap 2 AR headsets

We are looking for architects and builders to join us in developing and testing this device on real world projects. 

View BIM models in AR 

Import your Revit, SketchUp and BIM models into the Magic Leap 2 for virtual mock ups and design review tests

Oracle Labs in Chicago

New UI Controls

The Geopogo team is designing a new user interface system with model location controls, dimming tools, commenting and editing 

Filter Between Design Elements

Switch between design filters 
such as architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and more

Comment and React to Designs

Catch design mistakes and conflicts

Perform Design Review and Presentation

Perform design review on-site. Present to clients, project stake holders. Catch design conflicts and errors

New Global and Segmented Dimming

The new Magic Leap 2 AR device is built with new dimming features to better view and work with AR models in different lighting conditions


Oracle Aconex Integration

The Geopogo team is working on new 
design commenting and editing features

Magic Leap 2 development Videos

Magic Leap 1 Project Videos

 Download the latest build for the Magic Leap 2