Geopogo AR

Present design visions
on-site to community groups, city officials and stakeholders for faster approvals 

Prepared for Bill Rigler

Redhook Brooklyn AR proposal 


The Geopogo team has worked with commercial and residential developers over the last few years to better present design proposals on-site for faster approvals with AR

Red Hook, Brooklyn AR neighborhood development proposal presentation to community groups, 2019 - DRAWBrooklyn

Windsor, Ontario - Mega Hospital 
AR presentation of alternate site for development - 2019

American Institute of Architects AR presentation for raising construction funds - 2020- 2021

Sea Ranch, California, Solar Array proposal presentation to community groups 
for successful approval - Got immediate approval that day!

Our Process 

We work with the architectural models and prepare them into the Geopogo AR app for everyone to use and view projects 

#1 - Model Review

Our team is skilled in architectural 
design tools like Revit and SketchUp and can prepare the models from the architects.

#2 -Model Preparation

We prepare the models for viewing in our software.

#3 -Public Presentations

The big Day!

Use iPhones and iPads,
and we bring AR headsets to the presentations. walk community groups, city officials, and project stake holders through the future vision on-site.

Get Started with the Geopogo AR App

Use the Geopogo AR app on-site to present the design vision

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Scan the QR code to download the AR iOS app 


We are excited to work with you!