About Geopogo

Geopogo grew from the decades of experience that architect Dave Alpert, FAIA,and the Geopogo team have in the design and construction industry, their vision to improve the industry, and the engineering wizardry of Mac Dean, and the creative direction from Michael Hoppe. 


To begin with, Dave has a passion for buildings and cities, extending to vivid dreams about them. One night in 2014, he had a dream inspired by the 1748 Nolli Map of Rome.  The dream focused on a dramatic vision of the immense potential of virtual, interactive 3D models, especially integrating indoor and outdoor spaces.

He started building the Geopogo team the next day and began immersing himself in the emerging technologies of digital twins and AR/VR, and the game-changing applications to design and construction.  

We do what we do because we’re passionate about design, construction, and technology. 

With our extraordinary team members, we’re on a mission which brings everything together.

Our Mission

Geopogo empowers project teams to make our buildings and cities even better, by inventing and developing 3D visualization software tools which improve the process and outcome of design and construction, 


Our work is guided by our values of democratization (make it affordable and simple to use), inclusion (support better collaboration between project stakeholders), and transparency which is natural for an AR-focused company.