About Geopogo



Geopogo is a 3D visualization and collaboration platform. 

Our mission is to democratize 3D visualization tools so that everyone can participate in the creative process.  


Sharing 3D design ideas in an easy-to-use environment shifts the design process from a spectator sport to a participant sport.  Empowering all of the project stakeholders-- the clients and builders as well as the architects and engineers-- to easily and quickly communicate in 3D improves the efficiency of the design process and the quality of the outcome.

The design and construction industry is one of the most antiquated and traditional, gradually falling in efficiency as the rest of industry moves forward.  Although innovative 3D software has been introduced to promote efficiency, it is typically hard to use, and it requires years of training in academic and professional settings.  The consequence of restricting access to 3D communication is that endless mistakes and misunderstandings occur during design and construction, leading to $1 Billion of construction rework every day in the US.

Geopogo is changing this, beginning with an easy-to-use 3D design tool, an online 3D design collaboration platform, and an instant BIM-to-AR converter so that everyone can see the design in full-size, on or off the site, before anything is physically built.


3D design on desktop:

Available for PC and Mac, the Geopogo platform has a simple user interface that allows creators to model their ideas quickly in a highly-rendered environment.  The tool is complete with 3D furniture, finishes, lighting, landscaping and more, to create sites, buildings and Interiors in a short time, regardless of skill.

Online 3D collaboration on desktop:

The Geopogo platform allows users to publish and share their designs with others online over the Geopogo Network. The powerful online multiplayer tools allow users to see and explore designs and enables professional online design presentations that everyone can understand and participate in.  The complete vision for the future of the online tools is to enable collaborative design between users to create buildings and environments together, perform design review and actively update designs during meetings.

AR Instantly:

The AR Instantly BIM-to-AR online tool allows anyone to quickly translate a 3D design file such as Autodesk Revit into a 3D virtual model viewable with their iPhone, iPad, or a headset.  These models can be viewed on and off the project site at any scale from desktop to full size.  Ranging from a model of a room to a model of a campus, Geopogo’s augmented reality technology has been used across the US and Canada to present the future vision of projects in the context of their neighborhoods.  Geopogo has published a Magic Leap One build and released our iOS AR app.  The goal of Geopogo is to become device-agnostic on all AR and VR headsets and iOS and Android mobile devices.  Designs can be overlaid on top of the real world for everyone to see as if the design was actually there.

In short:

​The mission of Geopogo is to democratize desktop 3D visualization tools, build online capabilities for designers to collaboratively share their work in an easy-to-use highly

rendered environment, and develop full AR capabilities on iOS and Android devices to see proposed designs in the real world, giving everyone the power to express their ideas easily and quickly.